Blue Flower

Toledo Christian Church is one of over 5,000 non-denominational Christian fellowships in the United States comprising over a million members.  As an independent body of believers, we enjoy the freedom from external control or influence.  The local membership of this congregation makes all decisions related to church leaders, disbursement of funds, and matters of policy.

Toledo Christian Church voluntarily cooperates with other congregations in support of Bible colleges, Christian camps, missions organizations and individual missionaries.  Following the pattern of the early New Testament church, we acknowledge the role of elders as the spiritual leaders of the congregation.  In all matters of faith and practice, the church seeks to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ's Church as patterned in the Bible.

As a non-denominational congregation we are free to become the kind of church that Jesus wants us to be.  We are not a building or a program, but a group of people who love the Lord and want to serve Him to the best of our ability.

Toledo Christian Church has its roots back to 1860.  During the course of the history of the church it has seen its highs and lows.  Throughout the history of the church, there have always been faithful people who have pushed to see the church grow and the kingdom expand.  Toledo Christian Church has been at its current location since 1996.